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Functional Apps for Users in the Field

Our clients commonly ask us for beautiful and user-friendly app design that will also work seamlessly with their existing systems. This is important because existing systems already contain a wealth of data and business logic.

Our mobile app designers combine the art and careful process of User Interface (UI) design and User Experience (UX) design with the science of business performance metrics and system integration. An app designer’s job is to provide mobile app users with the smoothest path to achieving measurable objectives in your apps - whether that is the conversion rate on purchases, generating leads, impressions of your content, or some other business objective.

Mobile app design starts with us hearing out what you need from your mobile app. In this stage we will do more listening than talking, but we will also suggest ideas for improving the functionality and user experience of your mobile app, based on your business and clients or audience. Once we have a good idea of your app requirements, we would design a user interface mock-up of the mobile app in order to visualise our creative efforts and solicit feedback from you. We would discuss your feedback of the app mock-up with you and make changes to the design until you are happy with the look and feel of the mobile app. We may even create a high-fidelity prototype of the mobile app design, which is a connected, moving visual representation of the app designs created quickly for the purposes of the design process - without being connected to back-end logic. This usually brings out new thinking, and after several iterations a design structure is agreed on. We would then work on the detail - corners, buttons, fields, colours, transitions - to finalise the UI and UX.

As experienced mobile app designers, we are able to start creating a new project from scratch, or integrate into your existing systems. Whether your organisation runs SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, or any other system, we are able to take advantage of it and utilise your existing data and business logic. Most modern enterprise information systems include APIs or web services we can utilise readily. Older systems may need more work to expose functionality. In some cases, a legacy system may require a web service to be created from scratch. We are able to design a solution whether you're on the latest SAP ERP, or a command line tool from the 1980s.

It is important for mobile app design to be beautiful and user-friendly. Consumer apps should be kept up-to-date with current UI and UX trends, because users’ expectations of an in-app experience change as they are exposed to updated app designs from all over the world. Enterprise apps don't necessarily have to win design awards, but they require the beauty of simplicity and intuitiveness to maximise productivity. Mobile apps should not require a user manual because there is no time for that in the field.


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