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Developing framework-based Multi-level Marketing software from simple to advanced compensation plans, Zoenixasia web solutions offers to boost your marketing business. We have it all covered, including hybrid plans, complicated MLM plans and apps development.

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Custom MLM 
You have the liberty to customize software that we provide to suit your specific organizational needs and objectives.
Backup Facility

In the event of a glitch or intrusion of system files, we offer the best security to ensure that your files are restored.


Secured and full-featured domain-based email is provided and maintained for your marketing and office transactions. 

Domain Hosting

What can be more compelling to adhere to our offer is the way we manage domain hosting with ease of use.

Data Analysis

Your business will take all the available information regarding the market and come up with a marketing plan.

Speed Server

The sastest available server feature is our mechanism to determine the best server available for your location.

Domain Transfer

Move your domain name to Zoenixasia, the original domain name registrar and a full-service online solutions provider. 

24/7 Support

We host a website of your own when you get help from a team of experts 24/7. Our Customer Success team can help with all topics.

The binary plan is a structure used in MLM that ensures that one member recruits or brings in two people to the first level. Each of the members brought in is placed in either the left or right subtree. The subtree usually has one leg as the power leg and the other as the weaker leg.
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This plan offers an unlimited width plan, permitting one sponsor to own several distributors on a single line. There is usually no spill-over as everyone sponsored by you is on your frontline. It is easier for a sponsor to build a longer network by recruiting unlimited members. All MLM organizations can efficiently use the Unilevel MLM plan.

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Otherwise known as Forced Matrix MLM plan or Ladder Plan. The matrix plan is seen as a pyramid where members are arranged into a fixed number of width and depth or rows and columns. In the Matrix MLM plan, the width is limited and so serves as a huge motivation for more members to be hired in the downline.

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The board plan is otherwise known as the Revolving Matrix Plan or Matrix Cycle Plan. This plan affords you the chance to gain from the effort of all other board members. This is because a specific member is entitled to a bonus or commission every time a Board/Matrix Cycle entry is finalised.
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The Stair Step Plan provides a better opportunity for anyone to get up the ladder quickly. It is capable of making anyone a boss as a result of the breakaway option it possesses. For this reason, it is also known as the Stair-step Breakaway Plan. This Plan usually starts like the MLM Uni-level Plan since it possesses the unlimited number of frontline positions.

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Australian X Up

With this plan, members are able to accumulate wealth for themselves. It is also called the Unilevel X Up MLM since compensations can be paid from the X level irrespective of what number X may represent. It is referred to as “Pass-up” sales by some since the sales made are actually passed to a user’s upline.

The Monoline MLM Plan considered as a highly effective MLM Plan for MLM business is an attractive compensation plan since it lacks a mandatory limit for which it will work. Since it operates through the First-come-first-serve method, timing is of vital importance in this plan.

The Generation MLM Plan also known as Gap Commission Plan or Repurchase Plan proposes a concept that is entirely based on mouth advertisements and a group of members. Here, the products of downline members are promoted by the sponsors or uplines and they in-turn benefit bonuses and compensations when specific targets are met.


Party Plan MLM is a system initiated by business administrators and marketers to enable them to promote and market their products and services during a social event like a get-together party, home-based party, etc. These companies or marketers get to sell their products and services while the function is on in an act known as direct selling.


The main purpose of E-pin is to make the payments within the site in a more secure manner. For Subscription Payment, Subscription Renewal Payment, Product Purchase- E-Pin payment methods are usually used.

Automated Replication System

The secret of a profitable affiliate marketing website is its ability to self-replicate when a new member is referred.

When a downline member registers anyone, the new member also gets a personalized website which can handle similar contents like pictures/videos gallery and social media feeds as the original website to further promote the business marketing. Members also have the freedom to customize their own website design using our CMS module or simply selecting any of our preset designs for their replication page.

Dynamic Wallet System
  • Fund your wallet with various bonuses and commissions
  • Shop products from wallet balance
  • Transfer wallet balance to other users
  • Purchase Epins using wallet balance
Withdrawal and Payment

The script comes with various payment options for both offline and online payments.

Easily accept payment via Paypal, Bankwire, Payeer, Bitcoin, Epin, Ewallet, Cash On Delivery (COD),, Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Skrill, Okpay, Hdmoney, Webmoney, etc. This optional help you accept payments with more of some of the other popular payment gateways.

Powerful Admin Features
  • Rich text editor
  • Transaction history
  • User role management
  • Advance report system

Promotional Tools

Attract more prospects through omnichannel promotions. Our network marketing system is packed with intelligent promotional tools to attract more prospects

  • Replicated website
  • Marketing materials
  • Promotional videos
  • Lead capture & funneling
Website-enhanced dashboard

Integration of a platform where vital information is included in every MLM software platform is provided. 

  • About us page
  • Promotional section
  • Contact forms
  • Marketing guidelines