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Fast Start Bonus

User can achieve fast start bonus by achieving certain designations in defined time stamp. For eg: if a user is in bottom level i.e sales representative, when the user achieve the level of Distributor, he will earn fast start bonus.

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What is it

The Stair Step MLM plan which will promote a user to next levels as per the criteria fixed by the organization. Whenever an affiliate achieved the target set by the organisation, they will be promoted to the next level along with bonuses and additional benefits. It not only set goals for individuals, but also for groups of downlines. Depends on the improvement in steps and marketing’s discount rates will vary for every company.

In MLM Stair-Step Plan the team sales volumes counted into the upline sales and whenever the particular affiliate achieves

their targets according to their Designation, he/ she promoted for next higher designation and rewarded

with the set incentives and bonuses.