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How Does it Work
The dimension of columns may differ with respect to companies. The commission is rewarded with the completion of columns with the associates. In board-plan, sponsorships are limited to two-member legs on your first level and your downline is also restricted to two-level depth, that is, this plan allows you to sponsor two members on the first level and four on the second level. In total, provides a full or completed Matrix Cycle of 6 people.
Board plan MLM software is a web application that allows implementation of Board plan MLM hierarchy. Converting the board plan into board plan MLM software suitable as per your requirements is our goal. So we can say with obvious pride, our software is the best you’ll find in this business.

Board plan MLM is also known as Revolving Matrix Plan and it is suitable for a limited number of people. As the name suggests,a board constitutes the center piece in this plan. It has a few members on it depending on the type of board plan in usage.

The commonly adopted board plan is a 2×2 board plan wherein each member has to recruit two other people.

This continues till all the positions on the board are filled. When the number of members exceeds the limit of the board, it is split into two sub-boards and the top member is promoted to the higher level. This keeps repeating every time a board reaches the maximum allowed members.

Referral Bonus

A recruits B and C. B, in turn, recruits D and E while C recruits F and G. This constitute one Board (B1). Each member of this board will receive a referral commission for the sales done by their downline members.

Cycle Bonus

When 6 positions in a board are occupied, two switches happen. The topmost member, ie, A, in this case, would go to another Board ( B2 ) as its first member. At the same time, he will get a re-entry in the same board ( (board 1) and continues to add new members into the network. When A joins B2, he will earn a cycle commission. Similarly, when B completes all the vacancies in his board, he too will move to B2 and occupy the position under A and earn his cycle commission.