Hotel portals – hotel booking integration
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Hotel portals – hotel booking integration

A hotel portal website acts as an intermediary platform that allows users to search, compare, and book hotel accommodations online. These websites typically aggregate hotel information from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive list of available options to users.

Hotel Booking System: The hotel booking system is the backend software used by hotels to manage their room inventory, rates, and reservations. It contains the necessary data and functionality required to process and confirm bookings.

API Integration: To connect the hotel portal website with the hotel booking system, the portal website's developers integrate the booking system's API into their website's code. The API acts as a bridge between the two systems, enabling them to exchange data.

Data Synchronization: Through the API integration, the hotel portal website can access the hotel booking system's database and retrieve relevant information such as room availability, rates, and amenities. This data is then displayed on the portal website, allowing users to search and compare hotel options.

Booking Process: When a user selects a hotel and initiates a booking on the portal website, the website sends the booking details (such as check-in/out dates, room type, guest information) to the hotel booking system via the API.

Reservation Confirmation: The hotel booking system receives the booking request, verifies the availability of rooms for the specified dates, and processes the reservation. Once the reservation is confirmed, the booking system sends a confirmation message back to the hotel portal website through the API.

Displaying Booking Details: The hotel portal website updates the user interface with the booking details, including the reservation confirmation number, booking dates, and any other relevant information. The user can then review the booking and proceed with payment if required.